Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still download Yunar App?
No, after 31.10.2020 the Yunar App is no longer available for downloading in Apple Store and/or Google Play Store.

Can I still use the Yunar App already installed on my device after decommissioning?

From the decommissioning date (31.10.2020) on, a message will be presented to all users and the Yunar App will no longer be functional.

Can I still contact Customer Support for questions?

Unfortunately, after 31.10.2020 our Customer Support is not available anymore.

What happens to all my loyalty cards?

Until 31.10.2020, all users were able to use the export functionality to export their loyalty cards.

If you did not export your loyalty cards in time, all of your cards within the Yunar App were deleted.

What happens to my personal data?

We will delete all personal data immediately unless a statutory retention period applies.

Will I loose all my added cards within the mobile app?

After the decommissioning date, Yunar App is no longer functional and you won’t be able to access your loyalty cards through the app.

Will I lose the points I've collected from my loyalty programs?

No, the points you've collected won't get lost.

I still have questions. How can I best reach the Customer Support?

Unfortunately, after 31.10.2020 our Customer Support is no longer available.